Support Services

  • Administrative Support & Operations

  • Bookkeeping data entry services

  • Receipt sorting (yes even from a large garbage bag)

  • Work travel? Leave the coordinating to us.

  • Marketing and promotion of your services

  • General Data Entry

  • Onsite Filing services (after hours available)

  • Document Scanning services

Self Employed?

  1. Trade show? I can work your booth so you can work the show

  2. I can work with you in either clerical, retail, or private sector for an hour/day/week/month etc.

  3. Contract out and not have to worry about full-time hours, insurance, W.S.I.B., payroll etc.


Life style

Do you personally ever wish?

  • You had a personal shopper?

  • Your closet inspired you rather than create stress? I can help re-purpose your wardrobe and create new outfits.

  • You could find stuff? I offer home and office organizing.

  • I also offer Home and Petting sitting. If needed I can move into your home to care for your fur babies.